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Private Tour Of Kivrey Tsadikim

One day private tour to the Jewish sites in Tiberias & Safed including visiting to “Kivrey Tsadikim”.

Travel along the Jordan valley to Tiberias, visit the grave of Rabby Meir ba’alhanes the fourth generation of Tannaim, who developed Torah instruction after Bar Kochva’s revolt. Visit the ancient Cemetery – the Disciples of Ba’al Shem Tov, the burial sites of the Rambam. Rabby Yochanan ben Zakai & his Disciples, Hashla Hakadosh, Rabby Akiva & the Ramchal. We then continue to Amuka the grave of Rabby Yonatan Ben Usiel and from there drive to Safed the center of Kabala to visit the Ari Hakadosh’s Synagogue, mikva & burial site. We then go to the grave of Rabby Pinchas Ben’Yair.

From Safed we will travel to Mount Meron to visit the grave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, traditional author of the kabalistic work, the Zohar.

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