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According to the Bible, Beersheva was the southernmost city of the territories actually settled by Israelites, hence the expression “from Dan to Beersheva” to describe the whole kingdom. Beersheva is mentioned in the Book of Genesis in connection with Abraham the Patriarch and his pact with Abimelech. Isaac built an altar in Beersheba. Jacob had his dream about a stairway to heaven after leaving Beersheva.

Private Tour Adventure Of Beersheva & Negev Desert

The tour highlights include Bedouin Market in Beer Sheva, the IDF Airforce museum, kibbutz Sde Boker, Avdat, Mitzpeh Ramon and Ramon crater. Beersheva & Negev desert tour begins with a visit to unique Bedouin Market in Beer Sheva. Drive to visit IDF Airforce museum at Hatzerim. Continue through the Negev desert to kibbutz Sde Boker to the “hut” of Ben Gurion. Overlook the desert of Zin from the burial place of Ben Gurion. Stop at ancient Avdat which sits on the ancient Spice Route via Petra. Drive via Mitzpeh Ramon and stop for overview of the Ramon crater.
Thank You For Helping Us Understand Israel.
"We would like to thank you for your time and effort to educate us about Israel. We appreciated your passion, your knowledge, your humor and your care about us with your endless supply of water and the comfort of your mighty Jeep. We really missed you after you had left and we stayed on our own. We are fortunate to have had you as our guide. It was very important for us and especially for our girls to hear your personal story and how it related to the history of our people and Israel. We hope to see you again when we travel to Israel. Best regards from Nancy and the girls."
Desert Safari Jeep Tour

We drive towards the Judean Desert but not before we stop at the Inn of the Good Samaritan, From there we continue in the direction of the Dead Sea, on the way stopping at a lookout point over the Judean Desert and Jordan valley – a beautiful observation point. After our stop we continue our journey driving around the Dead Sea – the lowest point on Earth. We stop on the way at the ancient Qumaran Caves where in 1946 the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered which are mentioned in the Bible. In the jeep we drive into the heart of the desert where we visit a few of the most beautiful sites in Israel. The first place we reach is the famous Dragot Cliff. From this famous cliff we look out over Dragot River and the Murbaat Caves. Thereafter drive through the Wadi, the mountains, and view spectacular typical desert vegetation and landscape. End the tour with a swim in the Dead Sea. Late lunch stop for snacks/sandwiches on Dead Sea shore.

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"You Made My Trip The Best Trip I Have Ever Taken!"

Hello my friend! I wanted to take the time to say thank you for your wonderful tours! I truly was amazed at all the beauty that Israel had to offer. And the history was fascinating! You gave me views that I will always remember! I can’t wait to return to see more! I was sad to leave and am already eager to return! You have an amazing gift Moti! You are an incredible tour guide and have a beautiful soul as well! Thank you for everything you did for me in showing me the wonderful land of Israel! I have only amazing things to say about you and what you do! You made my trip the best trip I have ever taken! Thank you! Again, thank you for everything! It meant a lot to me! Julie & Jim.

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